Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheer Camp- Day 4

Thank the Lord because my body may not be able to handle anymore of this craziness. And I am so ready to see...


LYZ MOAK!!!!!!

How many blogs can I write about this girl?


But I am also sad because for the next two weeks after tomorrow I won't be able to see my new bff, Emily Mason! 


SHOUT OUT!! I have had so much fun getting to know her. We have shared so many stories, laughs, and whatever else girls might talk. But I am excited because in a week and a half, we will be reunited and get to spend another we together at
Yeah us!!

But I CAN NOT STAND THIS INTERNET HERE!!!!! It never works and it takes forever get back up! Arg!!

It's kinda making me mad/angry/annoyed? Really Kelley, it's just the internet.

I am so tired all I really want to do is take a nap so I have my head laying on the bed with my eyes shut... lets how that I don't fall asleep doing this.

I love listening to music. I have been doing that this whole break with Emily! WooHoo!! We are so exciting. I know you want to be here with us, not doing anything but sitting (or laying.) and singing along with some tunes. You're jealous, I know. :)

Today at mascot camp we didn't do anything much different from yesterday. Did our 3rd evaluation, worked on our mascot skit, and just messed around. What do you expect we are mascots?

Tonight is the Club UCA Grind Fest. I don't really enjoy this part about camp because I'm not really the dancing type so I'll go make an appearance but then I'll want to come back so that I can enjoy my pepperoni pizza. YEAH!!!!

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