Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheer Camp- Day 4

Thank the Lord because my body may not be able to handle anymore of this craziness. And I am so ready to see...


LYZ MOAK!!!!!!

How many blogs can I write about this girl?


But I am also sad because for the next two weeks after tomorrow I won't be able to see my new bff, Emily Mason! 


SHOUT OUT!! I have had so much fun getting to know her. We have shared so many stories, laughs, and whatever else girls might talk. But I am excited because in a week and a half, we will be reunited and get to spend another we together at
Yeah us!!

But I CAN NOT STAND THIS INTERNET HERE!!!!! It never works and it takes forever get back up! Arg!!

It's kinda making me mad/angry/annoyed? Really Kelley, it's just the internet.

I am so tired all I really want to do is take a nap so I have my head laying on the bed with my eyes shut... lets how that I don't fall asleep doing this.

I love listening to music. I have been doing that this whole break with Emily! WooHoo!! We are so exciting. I know you want to be here with us, not doing anything but sitting (or laying.) and singing along with some tunes. You're jealous, I know. :)

Today at mascot camp we didn't do anything much different from yesterday. Did our 3rd evaluation, worked on our mascot skit, and just messed around. What do you expect we are mascots?

Tonight is the Club UCA Grind Fest. I don't really enjoy this part about camp because I'm not really the dancing type so I'll go make an appearance but then I'll want to come back so that I can enjoy my pepperoni pizza. YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheer Camp- Day 3

O my goodness, half way through!! WOOHOO!!! 

2 days till LYZ MOAK and me see each other's faces!!

Just got back from lunch after a pretty eventful morning of running around in mascot attire and what not. But at lunch, me and a few of the other varsity girls were talking about how crazy this would be our last cheer camp. And I had to agree with them because I have been also going with them to cheer camp since my freshman year and what am I going to do next summer without all the 15 or something schools yelling their school name trying to get the attention of the 15ish UCA staff members? I think I'll live though. : )

This morning was super exciting, you know, waking up at 7 and all. *SIDE NOTE: I hate waking up in the morning, like super, super dislike {aka HATE}* Anyways, after waking up and realizing I had more time than I thought, I got my stuff together and went down stairs to head over for my first day full day of camp! YAHOO! Anyone else getting pumped and excited yet? So we walk in and I just head straight to the mascot cage, zoo, room, area, or any other name you might want to call it. We had our first evaluation this morning. Once everyone got dressed we played a game about motions and making our movements large and big and "popping the bubble."
Then we took a cool down break, and let me tell you when this finished, I thought I was going to DIE!!!! I was so tired, out-of-breath, and done and then they told us in we had 2 minutes and we were then going to go out for our first evaluation. O brother…. Are you sure? I might pass out or throw up. But it was much easier than the constant moving game that we had played. And I definitely enjoy messing with the random people around the campus of Texas A&M. Their expressions are priceless and hilarious! So funny!!

In a few minutes, we'll be heading back over and doing a skit. And working more on our line dance and our Mascot Follies!!! WOOHOO!!! *Mascot Follies are what we do on the last day when all the 'rents, friends, coaches, and cheerleaders are watching. Yeah, yeah all eyes on me! Tonight, after dinner we have our 2nd evaluation too. I know you wish you were here with me but you just need to imagine and then you probably will want to go back to whatever you were doing because you will feel sweat and heat. And supposedly that is gross? WHAT?!? O well.

Hope your having an EXCELLENT day!!!!

Peace and love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheer Camp- Day 2

I finally got to sleep in today!! Praise Jesus. I have been in deep need of sleep and I am so thankful for the 12 ( YES, TWELVE hours of sleep) last night.

Today has been a pretty great day. Woke up, ate some food, put my clothes on, had a team meeting, danced with cheerleaders, went to the mascot zoo, met all the mascots, played some games, came back to dorm to eat lunch/dinner (4:30, what is that meal?), then came back to my room and just have been lounging. Nothing super exciting but I have still had a pretty great day.

I got to meet 23 (including myself) of my new bestest friends for the next week. That is how many mascots are at camp. They all seem pretty nice.

I'm feeling a bit tired but isn't that what is expected being hot, in the sun, and moving around during the day. I think so.

I AM SUPER EXCITED *Hints the caps lock* BECAUSE IN 3 ½ DAYS I GET TO SEE MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!! I haven't seen her since December and I am so ready!!! (It was really January but December just makes it more exciting, right?) So on Friday, I will be a super happy person and be smiling from ear to ear because my face


And her face

Will be together again!!!!


I hope these pictures show up. Because on the last blog, there was suppose to be a picture of us but.. IT DIDN'T SHOW! :( Not very happy.

Anyways, we have more to do tonight and I have no idea what it is. But I should probably use the restroom, put my shoes on and do my hair. Sound exciting? Because it is!!! :)

Peace and love and talk to you later!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1- Cheer Camp

So as I sit on this bus (really needing to use the restroom but am definitely not going to use the one on this bus), I pray that I have a great week at cheer/mascot camp. Today, starts the beginning of my senior year in high school because after doing this for the last four years, it's crazy to think that this will be my last camp being mascot and that after this year I will be a 'grown-up' in the 'big world' because I will be going to college.

But on to the more fun things. I am super excited about this week because I do love the mascot part of cheer camp. I love getting to know other mascots and picking their brains for new ideas for skits and props. I can't say that I love the cheer part just because I am not a cheerleader (and I never will be).

I am also really excited because at the end of this week (on Friday), I will get to see my best friend in the whole wide world LYZ MOAK!!!!

YEAH!!!!!! And that just makes me really super excited!

This past week has been super eventful though. We started summer KidsClub. And it was tons of fun! I love summer kids club because 1. Its summer. 2. The kids just seem to be more relaxed *sometimes* 3. I get to be less strict which who doesn't love.

I think my favorite thing so far was when one of the more difficult kids told me that he wished that I was his teacher because I just seemed like a lot of fun and that made me really happy because not a lot of the difficult kids like me because you have to be harder on them. But that just made my week!!

At night, Lindsey, Peter and me hung out quite a bit. We swam at my house and also went to glow bowl. Had bunches of fun. But I'm going to need to learn how to time manage because early morning work hours and late nights with friends, makes one very tired Kelley which everyone can vouch for me that I am not a fun person to be with when I am tired.

I still really need to go to that bathroom.

O, I haven't uploaded the picture yet but this past week has been really hot and gross outside. And in my car, I keep germ-x bottles. Well, I went to go apply some and much to my surprise, my bottle had blown-up. Not literally but the bottle looked like a coke can that someone had put in the freezer so it had expanded more than exploded. I guess… (I can't think of the word)

On Saturday, I had morning practice for mascot camp, which the mascots did nothing like normal, but I had to be up at 9 in the morning and I was really hoping to sleep in but I couldn't which really stunk.

We just stopped on the side of a two-lane road. And we are in a bus… for I don't know why and I don't think that this is safe.

And because we stopped I could not hold it anymore and just used the restroom. It wasn't terrible.


*By the way, I wrote this on the way to cheer camp and posted it once we got there*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I forgot...

Opps. I forgot that I had this thing. Well, I didn't forget I just didn't make time.

I keep meaning to update this thing but I get distracted and forget. I have started alot of post but just started them or started writing them and just forgot about them... as I said opps.

So this post is going to be a picture post of a few things I have done the past few weeks.

I cleaned and rearranged my room:


Not gonna lie I did any awesome job. Even though at the moment my room looks like a complete and total disaster. Opps.

It was DJ HANS SPIN aka Jake my brother's birthday.
We went to Texas Road House to celebrate the momentous 21 birthday!!

His girlfriend Nicki came too!

I had a super exciting Cheer Bonding Day. One Tuesday. I even got to miss school all day!! WooHoo!!

The whole group! SENIORS 2011!!!
( OOO-vation)

Me frozen at the top of the 35 foot pole. I think I was trying to act like my dad or somthing.
I was kinda ridiculously scared!

I even got to climb a rock wall and zip-line. So much fun!!!!
Such hard work too!

On Wednesday night, at church, we had this super sweet lady from our church come and talk to our 7th and 8th grade Acteens. She is so sweet and she is (has) turned 91. So here is a few pictures from that night-

And then this past Sunday, during church, I was being a distraction to my pops so I started making a Summer To-Do List and here it is...

Have a great day! Don't forget to smile!