Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheer Camp- Day 3

O my goodness, half way through!! WOOHOO!!! 

2 days till LYZ MOAK and me see each other's faces!!

Just got back from lunch after a pretty eventful morning of running around in mascot attire and what not. But at lunch, me and a few of the other varsity girls were talking about how crazy this would be our last cheer camp. And I had to agree with them because I have been also going with them to cheer camp since my freshman year and what am I going to do next summer without all the 15 or something schools yelling their school name trying to get the attention of the 15ish UCA staff members? I think I'll live though. : )

This morning was super exciting, you know, waking up at 7 and all. *SIDE NOTE: I hate waking up in the morning, like super, super dislike {aka HATE}* Anyways, after waking up and realizing I had more time than I thought, I got my stuff together and went down stairs to head over for my first day full day of camp! YAHOO! Anyone else getting pumped and excited yet? So we walk in and I just head straight to the mascot cage, zoo, room, area, or any other name you might want to call it. We had our first evaluation this morning. Once everyone got dressed we played a game about motions and making our movements large and big and "popping the bubble."
Then we took a cool down break, and let me tell you when this finished, I thought I was going to DIE!!!! I was so tired, out-of-breath, and done and then they told us in we had 2 minutes and we were then going to go out for our first evaluation. O brother…. Are you sure? I might pass out or throw up. But it was much easier than the constant moving game that we had played. And I definitely enjoy messing with the random people around the campus of Texas A&M. Their expressions are priceless and hilarious! So funny!!

In a few minutes, we'll be heading back over and doing a skit. And working more on our line dance and our Mascot Follies!!! WOOHOO!!! *Mascot Follies are what we do on the last day when all the 'rents, friends, coaches, and cheerleaders are watching. Yeah, yeah all eyes on me! Tonight, after dinner we have our 2nd evaluation too. I know you wish you were here with me but you just need to imagine and then you probably will want to go back to whatever you were doing because you will feel sweat and heat. And supposedly that is gross? WHAT?!? O well.

Hope your having an EXCELLENT day!!!!

Peace and love.

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