Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple Sunday

Last night, I was able to experience two friends of mine get married. It was a beautiful wedding that was completely Christ-centered. I hope the best for my two friends, Taylor and Logan Bell. (cause they are married they now have the same last name!!, CRAZY!!!!)

It was also awesome because I was able to see and catch up with friends that I haven't seen in quite a long time. I love that I have a desire to be around community again. For the past year, I haven't really desired friendships with others and lately, I have felt so lonely. So it was so wonderful to see people and be around such a loving community.

This morning, after waking up from a great nights sleep, I went to church. I was kinda nervous because for the past few Sundays when I would go, I would show up, stay for the service, and then quickly leave. But this Sunday on my drive to church, I was really hoping that I would be able to go to lunch with people. I didn't really care who, just people. And I was able to go eat with the most random group of people. It was such a humbling time that I am grateful I got to experience. 

I didn't really have any afternoon plans which I was really thankful for. Even though, I should have gone to work out, I made the decision to take a nap. That was the greatest decision I made all day. I took a three hour long nap and probably could have napped longer but decided I should get up and do something with my life... even though that just meant getting on Facebook... 

I was invited to go to the movies tonight with another random group of people. We went to see X-Men, which is not a movie I would choose to see, but I love when I'm asked to go to these type of movies because I normally really enjoy them. And tonight was no different. I really liked it even though I was super confused throughout 70% of the movie. But it was super action packed and fun. When the movie ended, the four of us stood outside and talked for a little over an hour even though we were all super tired. It was such an awesome time.

Even though today was super chill, it was such a good day. I love days when nothing is planned but everything falls into place. Today I am grateful for simple and easy days like today. 

Peace and Love.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Update on life.... from the past two years...

Almost two years have past since I wrote my last post.... and A LOT has changed in those two years.
Like the fact that I only have one year of college left?!?! What the heck! 
People say that college is the best years of your life, but they don't mention that they are also the hardest and most challenging years. 
Things and people are constantly changing and I have definitely experienced that first hand.
Some of them were good changes. Some of them were terrible and I would never wish them on anyone.
I seriously don't even know where to start...

So I have finished my sophomore and junior year of college now. 
I have had no fear of failing anymore classes either. 
I changed my major from communication disorders to education.
I moved out of the dorms and lived at home the summer after my freshman year.
I moved into an apartment with two other girls for my sophomore year.
Got a job at a local gym as a childcare worker.
Had many good and bad memories in the apartment.
Was promoted to childcare supervisor in March.
Bought a dog named Shiloh without my parents permission.
Broke up with boy.
Told parents about dog by bringing him home.
Passed all my classes and made Dean's List for the first time.
Stayed in San Marcos for the summer after my sophomore year.
Worked and took six hours of summer school.
Moved into a duplex with three other girls.
Was the hardest year of college so far.
Realized that many of my "friends" from the past year weren't real friends.
Continued working at gym as childcare supervisor.
Began to nanny for a local family.
Became consumed with school and work.
Took Shiloh to dog park and on walks, occasionally. 
Began to realize living with three girls was a bad decision.
Passed all my classes and made Dean's List.
Almost moved out at Christmas time.
Made New Years resolution to "Be Intentional" in every aspect of my life.
Began block classes in spring for education degree.
Found a new roommate for final year of college.
Brother got married in March.
Decided to move out of house in May.
Gave Shiloh to a new family.
Passed all my classes and made Dean's List.
Moved into new place.
And you have been caught up on my life.

That is the very condensed version of the past two years. Many of those things were just small parts that have happened and some of those things are huge things that I still think about. But something I have learned in the past two years is that in order for me to be happy, I have to choose to be that way. No person and no thing can make me happy. It is a choice. A lifestyle. 
So something else, along with my New Years resolution of being intentional, is to intentional make the choice to be happy. 
It is so easy for me to get caught up in the things that have happened in my past that I wish I could do over. But being able to choose to be happy is one that I hope I never look back and wish I would have done. I have an amazing life and have been given so much from so many different people. I hope that I never forget how much I am loved, cherished, and thought of by all the different people in my life. 
Hopefully I won't have to do another two year catch up, but if I do, remember in all times to choose joy!

Peace and love!