Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple Sunday

Last night, I was able to experience two friends of mine get married. It was a beautiful wedding that was completely Christ-centered. I hope the best for my two friends, Taylor and Logan Bell. (cause they are married they now have the same last name!!, CRAZY!!!!)

It was also awesome because I was able to see and catch up with friends that I haven't seen in quite a long time. I love that I have a desire to be around community again. For the past year, I haven't really desired friendships with others and lately, I have felt so lonely. So it was so wonderful to see people and be around such a loving community.

This morning, after waking up from a great nights sleep, I went to church. I was kinda nervous because for the past few Sundays when I would go, I would show up, stay for the service, and then quickly leave. But this Sunday on my drive to church, I was really hoping that I would be able to go to lunch with people. I didn't really care who, just people. And I was able to go eat with the most random group of people. It was such a humbling time that I am grateful I got to experience. 

I didn't really have any afternoon plans which I was really thankful for. Even though, I should have gone to work out, I made the decision to take a nap. That was the greatest decision I made all day. I took a three hour long nap and probably could have napped longer but decided I should get up and do something with my life... even though that just meant getting on Facebook... 

I was invited to go to the movies tonight with another random group of people. We went to see X-Men, which is not a movie I would choose to see, but I love when I'm asked to go to these type of movies because I normally really enjoy them. And tonight was no different. I really liked it even though I was super confused throughout 70% of the movie. But it was super action packed and fun. When the movie ended, the four of us stood outside and talked for a little over an hour even though we were all super tired. It was such an awesome time.

Even though today was super chill, it was such a good day. I love days when nothing is planned but everything falls into place. Today I am grateful for simple and easy days like today. 

Peace and Love.

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