Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It’s Been Awhile…

So I finally got to see Lyz Moak!!! Like 3 weeks ago and it was AWESOME!!!

It's been awhile. Since the last time I posted I have finished Cheer Camp, had a fun weekend with Lyz, went to High School Camp and then Leadership Camp and then Middle School Camp… (all of those last 3 in a row, two full weeks), and then I went back to work and now it is my birthday week!! YEAH!!!

But I have enjoyed all of these things.

The reason I am writing this blog, though, is for a reason. I will update you with pictures and stories on the above later. :)

I want to make a list….. of……

Things to do. For fun, for a date, when I'm bored, or whenever.

1. Putt-Putt 
2. Bowling  
3. Roller Skating 
4. Ice Skating 
5. The Science Place 
6. Art Museum 
7. Movie 
8. Zoo 
9. Art Class 
10. Arboretum 
11. Play the Wii 
12. Drive in movie 
13. Dog Park 
14. Bike 
15. Park 
16. Music Video 
17. Swim 
18. Picnic 
19. Dinner 
20. Arcade
21. Go-Karts 
22. Aquarium 
23. Concert 
24. Frisbee
25. Bike ride

And there is probably a ton more things to do but I can't think of anymore… this is not as easy as I thought…. 

O and here is one picture so you know that I haven't died and Lyz and me had lots of fun! :) 

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