Monday, July 7, 2014


I win. I am still alive and summer one is over. THANK GOODNESS! 
To be honest. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. 
I didn't have to (although I sometimes choose to) stay up till 3am every night finishing homework.
I didn't die.
I didn't fail any classes. 
I actually got A's in all four classes! 
That's pretty dang impressive if you ask me. 
So June/Summer 1= COMPLETED! 

I did get to do something fun each week during June. My friend and I bought Six Flags season passes and would (and will continue to) go every Sunday during this past month. We even went one random Friday night. And that was by far the best purchase of the summer! Most weeks, it's what got me through, looking forward to riding roller coasters and just not worrying about homework, grades, or projects. Best idea!

This past weekend, I went to Dallas for the forth of July and took the Megabus home. I've always wanted to take it and just get the experience. We left on Friday morning at 7:20am (and we almost missed our bus. We made it by 9 minutes....) and the bus ride there was fine. It wasn't the most comfortable ride but I didn't have to drive, I could play on phone, and if I wanted I could read my book for my summer 2 class. Overall, the ride there was fine.

The ride home was a whole different story. We were scheduled to leave Dallas at 5:05pm so this time we decided to get there early because we wanted to get a seat together and because we didn't want the stress of being late. So we left our house around 3:30 (also enough time to get a drink at Sonic) to get to the bus station no later than 4:20ish... well.... we got there and our bus wasn't there yet... I wasn't worried, yet. Then 4:45 came around and there was still no bus. But I didn't want my dad to have to wait around so we told him we would call him once the bus got there. Well, little did we know, the bus was broken at the stop before ours..... and wouldn't be there for at least another 2 HOURS!!! So I called my dad, and he came back so we could go get dinner since it was dinner time. Then we went back about an hour and fifteen minutes later. Still no bus. But then we thought our bus was coming so we jumped out of the car real quick, got our stuff and got in the line that was already forming, just to learn that it wasn't our bus. I immediately texted my dad to let him know, not expecting him to come back (which he did) because it was 6:45 and we were expecting our bus to be there anytime. So I told my dad that he didn't have to stay around and that we would just wait for the bus so that he could finally leave... the people working at the station were not the most helpful but that's because no one was telling them where the bus was so we called customer service to see how long we were going to be waiting. Well after 3 calls that told us everytime, that our bus would be there in 20 minutes and if it wasn't to call back later... we were starting to lose hope. After waiting for over an hour and half (now making the time 8:30pm, mind you our bus was suppose to arrive in Austin at 8:20pm....) our bus FINALLY showed up.... FINALLY! We didn't get back home until 1am..... and the bus ride was super bumpy and uncomfortable because we were tired but it was too difficult to sleep on the bus. So the trip home was not satisfactory. But we did make it home and we didn't break down, so I'm just thankful for that!

Summer 2 classes started this morning and I'm thinking that this will be much easier than summer 1 was. Except the part that my first class starts at 8am... blah. But at least I am done at 11:40am! And my second class, we don't have class on Fridays! Which is AWESOME!
So here goes nothing! Time to finish up summer school!

Peace and Love

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