Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Place to Shop for Kids

Well since I don't actually have kids, this doesn't really apply to me... but I like shopping in general so I will talk about where I buy my clothes. 

The main place I shop, especially for jeans would be this place. They normally always have cute clothes and some great shoes. Flip-flops or sandals. Great sweater in the winter too. And nice, modest shorts for the summer. My favorite place. Speaking of this place, I have two $15 giftcards there... I should go look around there.... Mental note made.

This store is not only a place where I shop for random things but also clothes. They have some really cute things each season and I love them. The only thing is that you know your going to find someone else with the same outfit sooner than later because everybody (the normal ones) think that this place has some cute clothes and shoes and accessories and hats and purses and lots of other things too. 

I always go to this store with my mom. She is the one that introduced it to me and I love it. Most of my clothes come from here (or the two stores above) They always have great sales going on (side note: NEVER buy anything that isn't on sale there because it will eventually be, probably the next week) But they have a great clearance section and I love shopping here too!

I love the next two stores a lot too. I don't visit them enough. (and won't be for a while seeing as I'm on a budget) But they always have cute clothes! Their tops are adorable! I always find something there... even if I don't need anything. 

And the last two stores that I love shopping at (well I only love shopping at them or any of the above stores if I'm in a "clothes shopping mood" and thank goodness that isn't super often) are two normal mall stores. They have lots of different options yet I normally can always find something at them, if I REALLY need something (it might not be in the style I want.. but it normally has my color choice, which is nice.) 

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