Thursday, September 29, 2011

College Life

Where do I even begin??

College has been, by far, the best experience of my life! And that's an understatement. I have learned so much about myself and about others in the month and one week that I have been here than I would have learned anywhere else. I have met some pretty incredible people and have had so many opportunities to share my faith... I just can not even put into words how awesome of an experience it has been.

So many things have happened since I've moved to the wonderful San Marcos. I left my hometown on Tuesday, August 23 with my parents. We stayed the night in a hotel in Austin that night because the next day, I had check in at Texas State at 11am and I didn't want to miss anything. Little did I know, God had some other plans for me that day. We left the hotel the next morning (Wednesday, August 24), at about 10:15ish, since it only takes about 30ish minutes to get to San Marcos from there. In the next few pictures, you'll figure out what happen:

And this is how felt after everything happened:

So my start to college was definitely was not how I expected it to start. But God loves to surprise us and give us challenges to work through. But I know there was a reason for the wreck and even if it was just to learn how to become more patient, that's a good lesson to learn in general.

But I still got to move in that day, just a whole lot later than expected. 

Here is a few pictures of my room and random things (if your my Facebook friend, you've seen these):

Speaking of meeting some great people, God has provided me with some awesome Godly girls in my life. Some the same age, some older. He has been so awesome with protecting me from some of the craziness of college and keeping me sane. I have been so blessed and just continue to realize how present God is in my life. 

I have visited a few churches here in the area and I really enjoy two of them. One is on Sunday morning and one is on Sunday evenings. I have to continue to visit both and pray about which one God wants me to be involved in. I know He has some amazing plans in store for me at which ever one I attend.

Classes are going well. I still don't enjoy the whole learning part about school but its still fun... (as much fun as studying/learning can get) But it is nice knowing some of the classes I am taking now will actually help me with my future unlike those that I took in high school... But hopefully my attitude toward school will continue to stay positive and that I will continue doing well. 

I do have to add about my favorite class is for sure bowling! I love that class! My highest score so far is 134 and I am super impressed with that. My goal to reach by the end of the semester is to hit a 200... big goal but hey, it just takes practice.. right?

I've learned I love dancing. It quite fun. Especially two-stepping. I might stink at it, but it is o so fun. If you've never tried it, TRY IT! Even if you hate dancing, you should try it. You might just like it! I sure do. 

Well that's all for now because my brain doesn't know what else to talk about for now and I'm just rambling about how awesome college is.... I'll ramble more later. But for now, I'm going to go get ready to put my cowgirl boots on and get my dancing self ready because we are going out dancing tonight for my friend, Mallori's birthday!!! 

Talk to ya'll later!

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