Monday, May 3, 2010

O What A Day!!

It has been a long day... WHEW!! I'm am so glad that I made it through.

I woke up after a great nights sleep which I most definitely did not want to get up... and got ready for the day which took a hole 20ish minutes.. YAHOO! I know I'm amazing! The night before I meant to make my really incredible lunch but oppies, I didn't. SO I also had to make my really yummy (which was actually really not that good) turkey and cheese sandwich *the turkey was GROSS!!! It felt like the Gulf Coast is probably feeling which is all grease and oily.... nasty!* I also had some yummy sour cream and onion chips, pineapple cup, carrots and dip, and chips a'hoy cookies. All in all.. pretty tasty lunch and I can't forget the really awesome snack of goldfish and grapes for work.... YUMMY!!!! :) Gotta love 'em. 

After spending to long on making my lunch, I decided that it was past time for me to leave so I got all my stuff and heading to the car to get on my exciting day of school and work (just like every other day of the work week, aka Monday thru Friday) I knew I wasn't running to far behind schedule when I saw the kids at the bus stop still waiting for the bus. And by the way, you know you leave to early when this happens but if you want a good parking spot at the crazy jail I mean school I go to then this procedure is a MUST!

On my exciting way to these amazing places I realized that today was the day they would be starting the construction at my high school for the new auditorium and what ever else they are building there. Which made me remember that my normal parking spots that I park in would 'no longer be available' Hmmm.... DANG IT!!! Where am I going to go?

When I arrived, I was presently surprised to see that these parking lots had not been touched at all. But me being the good person that I am decided I was going to practice not parking in this area because of two reasons. Reason one: I need to try to find a different parking spot so when I  want to be able to run out of school at 2:30 I will still have my easy exit strategy. and Reason two: I was afraid of getting one of those big stupid orange sticker (which I need to take a picture of one) or getting my car towed away, since I would be needing it at 2:30 for my escape. But I did find a good parking spot right in front of F-hall which is where I come leaping out of school at on A-days. SO Yepee!!! 

School was as normal as normal gets. 1st period History: We watched the movie A League of Their Own. Pretty good movie. It was entertaining and it was super nice to just relax. 2nd period Physics: I don't really remember what I did. I know at the beginning of class we watched a Bill Nye movie but during that I did my Bible Study and after the movie we had a lab but Crystal did it. I started my drawling of the Anderson staff which let me tell you is pretty AMAZING!!! 
Here it is below:

I'm not done with it yet but its looking good. I'm the 2nd one from the left... bahahaha. I 'm the shortest one.. Surprise Surprise.

After lunch was finish and by the way it was pretty good beside the slimy oil sandwich... YUCK!, it was time for 3rd period Child Development: We had more notes and a video... BORING!!! So more drawling for me... I have decided I really enjoy doodling at school, especially people. 4th period English: A bit more exciting. New vocabulary words. Got new assignment but we won't start even looking at it till next class. New notes from book. And worked on Grapes of Wrath some more. 

After dashing out the school building, sprinting to my car, which by the way: new parking spot.... LOVE IT!!! Most definitely a keeper, if I can get it. I drove myself through Chicken Express for $1.25 of a little glass of happyness (I know its with an i but I just loved the Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith.) and made my merry way on to work.......... which by the way was CRAZY today. The weather is a changing. And I can most definitely tell because all the kids are going nuts. They and me and the rest of the staff are so ready for summer that it truly isn't even funny. We are all on top of each others toes that my little slice of happyness was not really keeping me super de duper happy. I did enjoy my homework group today because I let them work on the two puzzles we had going for the whole 45ish minutes. And it was awesome. They all worked so hard to try and finish it but even though they were both only 100 pieces, it was still no luck on finishing... Better luck next Monday! There was a big storm blowing in so we had to take the kiddo to the gym and let me just tell you I much rather go outside in the fresh air then keep those kids cooped up in a gym.. and it wasn't even raining yet.... GRRR..... o well. We had fun playing What time is it Mr. Wolf, Kickball *which I will never play with younger kids again because they had no idea what they were doing, and Zombie tag... I think we player another game to but I can't remember. It was fun to watch them get it the games, even kickball which they had no idea what to do. 

Then it was time to go back to the cafeteria and get the older kids to go to the gym. But when we got there, the storm was about to start so we were instructed to keep all the kids in the same area. Area of choice- Cafeteria. Which was okay because I got to clean the office... and I wish I would have taken a before and after photo of the office because let me toot my own horn I did an amazing job... at least I think I did. It looks so nice and picked up. Clean would not be the right term because only God knows what the stains on that floor are... and they are GROSS! Anyways, thats what I did the rest of work which was actually really hard work. But I definitely enjoyed doing it. 

As I left work and it was beginning to rain, I remember I needed gas. So I drove myself over to Kroger even though I knew had at least a day and a half left I didn't want to chance anything because who knows what my schedule holds for this next week. So I went and filled up and drove through the bank and go some cash, since I had NONE! o no... and then I drove on home.
When I walked through the door I came home to the tv on Channel 8 DANCING WITH THE STARS and my dad the only one watching... Which I find kinda amusing. He loves this show. He loves trying to figure out what the judges are going to give them and even though we have no dancing skill *and I mean literal skill not fun skill* in our blood, he normally get most of the numbers right. GOOD JOB DAD!! We watched that while we ate Taco Soup and cornbread!! YUMMY!! THANKS MOM!! 

Now I haven't really done anything since I got home but sit here and play on the computer because I am super lazy when I get home and I don't want to do ANYTHING... and when I say that I mean I literally just want to sit and do nothing. O well...

Side note- Yesterday I washed my car... for 4 hours!! I think I'm showing my shortness. But anyways, my back got sunburned and it is kinda really sore today.. I'm hoping that this feeling goes away soon. Not so fun.
Sunburn back:

This picture does no justice.

I also painted my nails a really pretty purple last night.

This picture does not show it as well either. It a dark purple with a nice shimmer to it. Next color.. ORANGE. I think I may do that tomorrow night. :)

Now that I have bored you to death with really exciting stories of my really exciting life. I'm gonna go. Hopefully I can get tomorrow to be a less eventful day. But there are no guarantees. 

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