Sunday, March 21, 2010

Need A Place...

I have so many random thoughts, recipes, ideas, list, music genres, okay the last one doesn't really count but so many things go through my head during a day that I just need a place to put them all down. I finally decided that this little blog would be the perfect place to write and release all of these thoughts that I have. I decided I can post how ever many times a day or night that I need until all of these thoughts that are flying through my head are written down. I just hope I can remember them to put them down before I forget.. I seem to do that ALOT!!! Opps! :) So off we go down the yellow brick road to the Blogging World... O how execiting!!! :D

My excitement about starting a blog:

My mom's excitement about me starting a blog:

My dad's excitement about me starting a blog:

So I bet you can guess that is not really them or me excited about starting a blog but super excited about going to San Diego!!!! Yes indeed more to come about that a little later!! =D

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